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Некоторые описания других нормативных документов

Chironomus riparius 10-day sediment toxicity test (ASTM E1706-95)

This study is designed to investigate the acute effects of sediment-bound contaminants on the larvae of the freshwater invertebrate Chironomus riparius, a non-biting midge, over a 10-day exposure period. Second instar larvae are exposed to sediment either artificially amended in the laboratory with the chemical(s) of concern or collected from the field. Mortality and sub-lethal effects are recorded after 10 days. Toxicity of sediments artificially amended with a substance is determined by measuring the concentration that kills or affects 50% of the animals (LC50 or EC50). Toxicity of sediments collected from the field is determined by measuring the % mortality or effect on the animals exposed to that sediment compared with exposure to control or reference sediment.

Corophium sp. 10 day sediment toxicity test (OS PARCOM Part A)

In the test, adult Corophium are exposed to spiked sediments for 10 days. During this period, burrowing behaviour may be assessed by counting the number of amphipods on the sediment surface or actively swimming. At the end of the experiment, the amphipods are sieved from the sediment and the number of surviving animals recorded. Survival is then analysed statistically, comparing the controls with the treatments. The objective is to determine the initial concentration, which, in 10 days, kills 50% of the exposed animals (10d LC50).

Earthworm, acute toxicity (OECD 207)

Concentrations of test substance are added to a defined artificial loam soil in which adult earthworms are maintained for 14 days. After 7 and 14 days the effects of the test substance on the earthworms survival and body weight are examined. The results are used to calculate LC50 values and no observed effect concentrations for body weight. Parallel tests are carried out with chloracetamide in order to check the validity of the test system.

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